When we have a problem with the pests in our block of flats?

  • When the climate is changing between the different periods during the year
  • When one or more apartments are under repairs and/or when furniture is changed
  • When the heating, drainage, plumbing or electrical network has not been made tight   
  • When food or objects (e.g. flowerpots) which have been infected by pests like cockroaches, beetles or fly’s larvae are brought into the premises
  • In cases of bad hygiene in one or more apartments
  • In cases of irregular cleaning of garbage in the attics or cellars
  • In case there is a leak in the cellar, no matter if it’s a leak of clean or waste water
  • When garbage bins without tightly closed lids are used
  • When there are homeless animals into or around the building
  • In case there are broken cellar windows, homeless dogs and cats or rats and mice may inhabit the place and thus disseminate fleas in the areas for common use in the building
  • When the fan holes in the under roof area are not covered, pigeons may occupy the place and their dead bodies are the perfect food for cockroaches and flies
  • When there are nests of bats, sparrows, pigeons, swallows or sea-gulls

What measures should we take when we have pests in our block of flats?

  • We have to initiate a general meeting of the owners and we have to raise the problem before our house manager
  • The house manager should approach a company specialized in pest control (Pest Control Company), which has the respective permits to perform such services
  • All premises in the building should be treated at once, incl. shafts, attics, under roof areas, cellars and boiler rooms
  • The pest treatment should start from the attic and finish in the cellar
  • In cases of high pest density the building should be periodically treated
  • Preliminary measures like covering the fan holes and packing the holes should be taken in order to prevent birds, rodents or dangerous insects from coming inside the premises

What is important to know before the treatment in our block of flats

  • The date and time of the treatment should be announced in advance
  • Small children and pets should not be present during the treatment
  • The treated areas should not be rinsed for at least 48 hours
  • The poisonous food baits for rats and mice?? should not touched or replaced