When we have a problem with the pests in our apartment?

  • When the climate is changing between the different periods during the year
  • When the apartment is under repairs and/or when furniture is changed
  • When the heating, drainage, plumbing or electrical network in the apartment has not been made tight   
  • When food or objects (e.g. flowerpots) which have been infected by pests like cockroaches or fly’s larvae are brought into the apartment
  • In cases of bad hygiene within the apartment
  • When the windows are not protected by mosquito nets
  • When foodstuff is left at places which can be easily accessed by pests
  • When the domestic garbage bins have not been regularly cleaned out
  • When garbage bins without tightly closed lids are used
  • When you have pets like dogs or cats that often spill around food
  • When old stuff is stored at the balcony good conditions for the appearance of wasp nests are created


What measures should we take when we have pests in our apartment?

  • We may approach a company specialized in pest control (Pest Control Company), which has the respective permits to perform such services
  • All the premises within the apartment should be treated
  • In areas of high pest density a secondary treatment may be done in the apartment

What is important to know before the treatment in our apartment

  • Small children and pets should not be present during the treatment
  • A fish bowl should be completely isolated by nylon and the air pump should be stopped for 30 minutes
  • Foodstuff or utensils should not be left uncovered
  • Open access to the fridge, stove and other electrical appliances in the apartment should be given
  • The treated areas should not be rinsed for at least 48 hours
  • After the treatment a Protocol for the disinsection, disinfection and deratisation is filled in, where the pest control detergent used, the antidote and the prevention instructions are pointed out.